Our thin brick veneer wall tiles are perfect for interior or exterior wall coverings. The use of thin clay brick veneer or brick paneling can provide enormous cost savings because of ease of installation and reduced structural weight while retaining stability, durability, and acoustic comfort. This can be accomplished without giving up the vivid colors and rich architectural look of real brick by using brick tile for walls that has been carefully sliced.

Color Options


  • Modular brick shapes (2 1/4″ x 7 5/8″) are available in 9/16″ thickness along with matching corners.
  • Custom sized clay brick tiles for walls are available.
  • These clay brick walls are ideal anywhere ceramic tile is considered.


View a gallery of photos showcasing our clay thin brick walls installed in a variety of settings.


Wall bricks are available in fifteen beautiful colors from which to choose*:

  • Brick Tile Classics include eight clear tones and one ironspot
  • Brick Tile Rustics include five naturally flashed tones using reduction firing techniques

All thin brick tiles are hard fired, color fast, and will not fade with exposure to sunlight and weather.

*Custom colors are possible for that special design need. Call us at 319-351-9733 to find out more.