Bring history to life with the art and beauty of reclaimed thin brick floors! Chicago’s legacy as an American cultural icon is well-known, playing a prominent role in everything from architecture to art. With reclaimed thin brick floors from Brick Floor Tile, you can bring the spirit of the Windy City into your home or business, anywhere in the country. Reclaimed Chicago brick tiles add a unique authenticity that can’t be easily duplicated.

A One-of-a-Kind Flooring Experience

Instead of using mass-produced bricks, we combine form and function. By salvaging high quality building bricks from historic Chicago construction projects and slicing them carefully into 3/8-inch brick flooring tiles, we are able to add character and creativity to any space. Our inventory is comprised of iconic Blue Island Bricks, produced from the old brick factories located in Blue Island, on the city’s Southern edge. Originally constructed due to the deposits of clay derived from glacier activity in the last Ice Age, the area was perfect for production. With over 20 factories in use as early as the 1850s, this prolific area was among the largest for brick production in the nation. Unlike imitation brick, authentic brick creates a unique room made possible only by using reclaimed brick.

The outcome of each reclaimed brick flooring job is entirely original, blending different surfaces, colors, and patterns for a completely unique finished product. With the option to choose from smooth, uniform interior cuts and weathered, worn exterior cuts, it’s possible to create a unique authenticity that can’t be easily duplicated.

Each brick is a nominal 4 x 8 size similar to traditional flooring, making brick reclaimed tile flooring the right fit for any area ceramic tile can be used, including rustic restaurants, storefronts, kitchens, patios, museums, horse barns, or even bathrooms. These same bricks have survived the harsh Midwest winters for almost 100 years, guaranteeing durability and longevity in virtually any setting, even in high traffic areas. Thin brick flooring installs like tile and cleans like tile, too, giving you an amazing alternative to traditional options.

Reclaimed bricks are available nationwide, allowing you to capture the strength and stability of Midwest construction, no matter where you live.

Inside Cuts - interior cut sides of brick

Blue Island Brick Inside Cut

For a unique yet uniform approach to thin brick floors, our Blue Island interior cut bricks can complement any property. Each brick tile is produced from the interior layers of a salvaged brick, providing a sleek, smooth appearance without any of the tumbling or weathering an exterior cut may have. Inside cut orders will contain a mix of red, tan, brown buff and black brick colors, creating a dynamic tapestry of tones and shades.

Please use our Contact Us Form or call us at 319-351-9733 with approximate square footage and your zip code for a quote.

Outside Cuts - exterior facing sides of brick

Blue Island Brick Outside Cut

For a more weathered, aged appearance, Blue Island outside cuts of reclaimed thin bricks have worn edges and may not be as uniform in shape, offering charm and character ideal for residential and commercial applications alike. Each slice is from the top exterior of the brick only, resulting in reclaimed brick flooring that is authentically worn. Outside cut orders will contain a mix of tan, buff, brown, blonde and red colors, and may also feature makers marks, names, dates, and other distinctive symbols.

Please use our Contact Us Form or call us at 319-351-9733 with approximate square footage and your zip code for a quote.


  • Modular brick shapes (4″ x 8″) are available in 3/8″ thickness.
  • These thin brick reclaimed floor tiles can be used anywhere ceramic tile is considered.


View a gallery of photos showcasing our reclaimed thin brick floor tiles installed in a variety of settings.

Custom Flooring Creations

When you envision a reclaimed brick floor in your home or business, our team can help you bring your vision to life. Our thin brick floors are unmatched for their combination of beauty and durability, helping you find the perfect fit for your home or business. Lead time on brick orders is approximately one to three weeks. We also offer grout made specifically for our bricks, and are happy to recommend a protective sealant.

No two pieces of reclaimed brick flooring are the same, giving your project a unique feel. Call us at 319-351-9733 to learn more about how we can help you transform any property!