This beautiful reclaimed brick veneer is cut from genuine vintage building brick that we salvaged from Chicago. We sliced them into 5/8″brick wall veneer that gives you the character and durability of the original bricks along with the ease of installation of tile. Reclaimed thin brick veneer is an environmentally-friendly way to beautify your home or business.


  • Modular brick shapes (2″ x 8″) are available in 5/8″ thickness.
  • Reclaimed brick wall panels can be used anywhere ceramic tile is considered.


View a gallery of photos showcasing our reclaimed thin brick walls installed in a variety of settings.


The colors of our salvaged bricks for sale vary from beautiful buffs, browns, and reds, with shades of black bricks also available.

The colors in our Chicago brick tile run throughout the brick so you will never see any signs of wear. These same Chicago bricks have survived the harsh Midwest winters for almost 100 years!

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