Tumbled thin brick pavers are achieved by tumbling our square edge clay thin brick tiles to create a special rounded look of used brick. Thin brick flooring tiles offer a unique look which can’t be duplicated with traditional bricks. These tumbled thin bricks are suitable for interior or exterior applications on any project desiring the rich, warm aesthetics of old, used brick while retaining the easier installation, reduced cost, and lower environmental impact of thin brick. View the many colors of brick paver flooring below.

Color Images


  • Modular brick shapes (3 5/8″ x 7 5/8″) are available in 15/16″ thickness. All dimensions are slightly scant after tumbling. The surface of tumbled brick pavers is also slightly smoother.
  • These thin brick tiles can be used anywhere ceramic tile is considered.


View a gallery of photos showcasing our tumbled thin brick floor tiles installed in a variety of settings.


There are ten tumbled brick colors; five body colors come in both flashed and unflashed colors. White or black brick coatings can also be added with each of the basic body colors. This creates a truly custom look for your project. Tumbled brick pavers work great for driveways and other imperfect flexible base installations.

Note: blends with a high percentage of white/black pavers should be limited to low abrasion applications.