Brick Floor Tiles in an array of colors

General Information

Our brick floor tile line offers the widest selection of sizes and colors in the industry. We make every effort to ensure all aspects of our production process are closely monitored in order to maintain excellence in our products. In order to ensure your complete satisfaction with our floor tiles it is very important that installers and owners comply with the following instructions:

Shading of Floor Tiles

  • Color variations are a natural characteristic of all fired clay products and are inherent in our brick tiles. At the job site, we highly recommend mixing the tiles from several cartons to provide a natural blend of color shades. For jobs requiring more than one pallet, blending from cartons from each pallet is recommended. Our clear tone colors will have a slight range of color. DO NOT INSTALL ANY BRICK FLOOR TILE WHICH IS NOT SATISFACTORY IN EVERY WAY.

Installation of Brick Tiles

  • Our brick tile products should be installed the same way as unglazed ceramic tiles. Please consult the latest edition of the Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation plublished by the Tile Council of America, Inc. Please note the importance of having a clean flat sound substrate to set the brick floor tile and make sure to provide all expansion joints required for proper engineering.

Grout Joints

  • Our brick floor tiles will vary in size more than quarry tiles, especially ground edge products. We recommend a 3/8" grout joint for our brick tiles. This will allow our tiles to be set in all popular patterns and avoid the problems which will result with smaller grout joints. Racks should be fabricated using samples of the production run of the actual brick floor tile to be installed.


  • We recommend that our brick floor tile be sealed after installation but before grouting or that an appropriate grout release product be used. This procedure will make final cleanup easier. In addition, after grouting and final cleanup we recommend our brick floor tile AND grout joints to be resealed, especially for interior jobs.


  • After our brick floor tiles are grouted, final cleaning should be done with sulfamic acid crystals followed by complete neutralization with clean, clear water. After installation is completed our brick floor tile can be maintained using Hillyard's Super Shineall product which will over time add a patina to our brick floor tile.

Enjoy your new brick floor tile!

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